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Atmospheres which support goal achievement


Dynamic approaches to success

Have You Ever Had These Thoughts?

Is there someone we can afford to hire that will help us lower risks and improve success rates?

Do we need policies and procedures? We have no money; how can we hire assist?

What are other similar organizations doing that we should be doing?

Our community is having real issues. How can we get our residents to engage?

Fundraising is not my strength. Who can guide us?

We are a new organization. Where should we focus our time and energy?

Is there someone who understands interagency engagement?

Who can assist us with branding and affordable marketing?

We just recruited new members. What should we give or tell them?

We have lots of visionaries on our team, but it would be nice to have a detailed task list person to help with our projects.

Our team is really a great group of people. Why would we need team strengthening?

How can we sustain our efforts and remain fiscally solvent?

The founders of Integrated Concepts, Inc. have over seventy-five collective years’ experience in guiding individuals, not-for-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, governmental agencies, and educational institutions to creatively develop programs and implement technology solutions.

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